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Unmasking Hidden Security Risks

Shadow IT Services

Unmasking Hidden Security Risks

Lifting the Lid on Cloud Consumption

The cloud has enabled users and business units to get the IT resources they need when they need them. From storage capacity and development platforms to processing power and apps, IT resources are steadily and stealthily being amassed outside the control of the CIO and the protection of the corporate firewall. These shadow IT environments can result in data and business risks that cost both in terms of revenue and reputation.


Our Shadow IT Analysis service enables organisations to see what cloud resources are being consumed by which user groups, together with potential risks and opportunities for the business. Part of Computacenter’s suite of Cloud Advisory Services, the Shadow IT Analysis enables organisations to balance user choice with corporate control. The analysis, which can be delivered as an ongoing managed service or a single engagement, covers both infrastructure and workplace cloud services.

In Summary

  • We offer a free seven-day proof of value report on your cloud usage
  • As part of an annual subscription, we deliver a comprehensive and easy-to-use dashboard that displays daily updates to data
  • All data, which is secured via a firewall, can be quickly and easily analysed to provide additional insight
  • The technology that underpins Computacenter’s Shadow IT Discovery service has been used by 200 enterprise customers to analyse the cloud consumption of more than 10 million users
  • We also provide add-on services, such as Office365 and ServiceNow data loss protection, together with a full range of network and security solution offerings


Shadow IT is part of our multi cloud services offering, which itself forms part of our Hybrid IT portfolio. From core IT infrastructure and information and data services, to multi cloud and infrastructure and cloud management, we can assist you at every stage of the way. Combined with our expertise and experience of delivering secure, robust networks and seamlessly integrated IT security solutions, we truly do have end-to-end capability.   

The result is faster IT modernisation; innovation, flexibility and agility; scalability; and business growth whilst also controlling costs. This is Digital Power.


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